Q: Can the addin also get Morningstar’s Key Ratios into Excel?

A: Unfortunately, the Key Ratios are currently not supported. Only financial statement data (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement) can be imported into Excel using the MSFundamental addin. I might add a feature to import Key Ratios at some point in the future.


Q: Can the addin also retrieve stock price data?

A: No. Financial statement data only.


Q: How can I retrieve dividends per share data?

A: Although key ratios are unsupported at this point, you can deduce some ratios manually using financial statement data. For example, for dividends per share, use the “dividend paid” tag within the cash flow statement, and divide this number by the number of shares, which can in turn be deduced by dividing EPS (from the income statement) by total net income.


Q: What is the maximum timeframe for which financial statement data can be retrieved?

A: The timeframe is limited to Morningstar’s delivery for unregistered free users, which currently is five years (or five quarters) back in time. It is currently not possible to login using your premium user credentials via the addin.


Q: What data of mine does the addin transfer or store?

A: No data whatsoever is transferred to any server of mine. The addin only directly connects to the Morningstar website. As such, of course the parameters (MIC and ticker) are shared with Morningstar to get the financial statement data. The downloaded financial statement data is stored locally on your computer. You can delete it anytime using the “Clear Cache” button on the MSFundamental-Ribbon within Excel.


Q: What data of mine do you store during the purchase process?

A: The purchase of the addin is done via gumroad.com, who store, among others, your name, email address, payment information and what products you have purchased on gumroad. For further info on data stored by gumroad, please see their data privacy statement on gumroad.com. Other than using them as payment and delivery provider, I have no affiliation with gumroad.