What is this?

MSFundamental is an add-in for Microsoft Excel (2007 or newer; Windows only!). It allows quick and easy access to financial statement data of thousands of publicly listed companies, from the US and internationally.

Minidemo MSFundamental Add-In

More specifically, MSFundamental downloads a CSV from Morningstar and imports the data needed into your spreadsheet.

As such, all data is provided and owned by Morningstar. By using the MSFundamental add-in, you are simply automating your access to data made publicly available by Morningstar. This means that

1.       You are limited to the data available to free access by Morningstar, even if you have a premium subscription to Morningstar.

2.       You agree to Morningstar’s Terms of Use which can be found here: http://beta.morningstar.com/about/user-agreement.html. Most importantly, you agree to using Morningstar’s data for your private, non-commercial uses only.

3.       If Morningstar doesn’t have data for a specific company you’re looking for, MSFundamental cannot give you access to it in Excel.

4.       Should Morningstar change the structure of their data delivery, the add-in might stop working properly. I will undertake every effort to roll out a (free of charge) update fixing this, but can't guarantee complete functionality indefinitely.